From left: Mr William Taylor (TaylorSnell, architects),
Mr Wagner (planning consultant),
Mr. Julian Mayer,
Dr. Claude Béglé (Board member Acquarossa Terme SA),
Ms Cook (President Acquarossa Terme SA),
Mr. Ernst Mayer (Hotel operator),
Mr Mannhart (Director of Blenio Tourism),
Mr Schweitzer (Vice-president Acquarossa Terme SA),
Mr Gianora (Mayor of Acquarossa),
Ms. Ursula Dandrea (President Blenio Turismo)
Mr Roland Huber, (Masterplan Consultant, Blenio Turismo)

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Excellent Investment opportunity in Switzerland

Acquarossa Terme Resort will providing exclusive full board comfort and luxury in an all season resort.

This landmark development with 140 Superior Hotel Apartments suites, will have access to many indoor and outdoor facilities including winter sports like alpine skiing, summer hikes and bike, trails as well as enjoying the cultural events in Ticino.

The 86,000 sqm green field development in the heart of Adula National Park has been rezoned for a touristic and leisure development.

• 35,000 sqm gross building area
• Two real estate strategy opportunities: (a) Sale-and-lease-back (b) buy-and-hold
• Potential to expand
• Excellent GOP, IRR, NPV
• High Occupancy
Opening 2017

• Acquarossa is easy to access by air, train and car. As of 2017: The AlpTransit fast train will half the train journey from Zürich and Milan.

• According to the August 2012 edition of BILANZ,, a leading Swiss economic publication, Acquarossa has been identified as one of the highest growth real estate investment opportunities in Switzerland.

• Exclusive access to the unique Acquarossa thermal 'red' water with medicinal properties used since the Romans.

• Geographically, the new development is a natural expansion to the current portfolio of the Leading Family Hotels and Resort (LFH&R)

Award-winning Architects Taylor/Snell renowned for their respect and sensitivity for sustainable developments.

Full support from local, cantonal and federal government. It is regarded as the main driver for the regional Master Plan. Acquarossa project is one of the major Swiss tourism developments.

A rare opportunity to invest in Switzerland which is economically, financially and politically very stable - and one of the wealthiest countries in the world.